David Maurice Francois, professionally known as akaMatisse is a Toronto based producer, composer and classically trained pianist. He is widely known for being one third of the electronic group Keys N Krates. He is extremely passionate about making music and loves to collaborate with creative individuals. Welcome to his page, here you can find out what he’s been up to and where he’s going next!


“Sonata Episode 001” is an EP meant to be played from start to finish to echo the classical musical form of a Sonata, which contains different musical movements under one long form piece. Blending elements of lofi hip hop, and world rhythms with classical and jazz stylings,


The LowKey Concert Series is a collection of concerts composed & hosted by Canadian artist akaMatisse, featuring classical piano, singer-songwriters and mellow beat making in unique and intimate spaces. Highlighting musical creativity and reinvention, LowKey welcomes audiences into the world of modern classical in a reimagined way.



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